Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fashion Valet X The Luxe Nomad. I need a GATEAWAY!

Assalamualaikum semuaaaaaa.


Scarf: dUck scarves Fashion Valet
Top: Nichii
Pants: H&M
Handbag: Mischa Fashion Valet

Ingat ke tidaaaaakk? I seriously need a gateawaaayyy! :( Oh, I really miss the sound of birds chirping, the sound of the waves, hotel breakfast! Haha.  Penat asyik kerjaaaaa je, photo shoot lah shooting lah, business lah, dengan final project paper lagi! yaAllaahhh, its not easy to work and study at the same time. This is my last semester, and I really need to work hard on this project paper, but at the same time, I need to commit with my shooting, photo shoots and business. Alhamdulillaahhhh, rezeki semua ni. Bukan merungut tapi tipu lah kalau diri sendiri tak rasa nak bercuti, nak rehat rehat :'( Naakk sangat! Nak, nak, NAK! 

So nak ambil peluang join contest Fashion Valet x The Luxe Nomad! FREE GATEAWAY, SIAPA TAK NAK?! Ish ishh rugiii kalau tak join. I'm not so lucky when it comes to contest2 mcm ni, but who knows? Contest2 lain tak pernah menang, mana tahu ni? He-he. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! Fuhhh! *tiup website Fashion Valet* Fuhhhhhh! *tiup website The Luxe Nomad

4D3N stay at Paresa Phuket for FREE. IS THIS FOR REAL?! I've never been to Phuket before, (sedihnyaaaa lahai kau) and I reaaaaaaally hope my first trip to Phuket is THIS! I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad because of a few reasons;

1. I've never been to Phuket. 
2. I could not afford this luxury holiday. *student laaaagii :(
3. I really need a gateaway! I've been working hard for my final research paper, and its time to get some rest after all the hardwork!  (I really need to get good grade for this is order to have a first class degree *my target, inshaAllah*)
4. This blogpost explains veryyyyy well why I need this :'D

Aaaaaaaannndd, I'm going to wear this! All from Fashion Valet.

1. Sharini maxi dress in lime green. Of course you need a beach dress babyyyyy! 
2. Pair my Sharini maxi dress with a cardigan from The Sut FV
3. Peachskin scarf in green tea frap by dUck FV
4. Sandals of course! You don't wanna wear shoes at the beach righhhhtt? this is is from Midi Shoes FV
5. Annnnddd I add some yellow to my look. A pouch by Sakura Malaysia FV

Nak try menang juga? Jom jom jommmmm masuk contest ni! All you need to do is do a blogpost and mention why you'd like to stay at Paresa, Phuket and what will you wear from FV while you're there. Eaaaaasyyy peasy lemon squeezy. Haha. Nahhhh FV X The Luxe Nomad! Contest has been extended until 10th April! #fvtlngetaway

Pssstt! Yg tgh baca ni doa doakan kita menang ye!


Hafiz Hafizol said...

good luck mira !!! =D

lerler Chan said...

#FvTlnGetAway ^^ Good luck to you

from Ler Travel Diary

Kita Bantai said...

good luck