Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hikayat Po dan Lang

Helloooo everyone! 

How’s your September going so far?Mine? Alhamdulillah. 8hb ni masuk UiTM balik. My final semester. Sob sob. I have to work hard for this final semester!

Have you guys watch Cornetto  Hikayat Po and Lang? I’m a big lover of Cornetto ice cream. Especially the Red edition, Taylor Swift! *aaahhhh rasa mcm nak ice cream skrg!* Kalau dulu kita ada Cornetto Uda dan Dara, sekarang kita ada Hikayat Po and Lang!

This time, it’s different! Not the cliché love story thing, haha but it’s about Hantu Love Story! To be honest, I don’t watch horror movie, but this one is so funny! Full of comedy and humour elements in it. This time the “hero” and the “heroin” lain sikit. Hantu hantu yang jd Hero dan Heroin in this Hikayat Po and Lang. SEMUA KENA TENGOK! Trust me, it’s really fun and cute! *especially Po, the character of Po is so cute in this movie (walaupun berbalut mcm pocong, haha)*. This is the trailer. *click*

I dah tengok the first episode, the second one dan sekarang episode ketiga! Episode ketiga ni Bomoh Sam datang. So semuaaaaa hantu sekarang ni dah kena control oleh Bomoh Sam kecuali Po! Betul betul tak sabar nk tengok the forth episode! Nak tengok Po buat apa, sbb dia nak taip msg pun suruh Yoyol taip kan sbb tangan dia berbalut. Hahaha.

For those yg tak tengok lagi, tengok lah! You can just search for Cornetto Hikayat Po and Lang dkt YouTube okay :) Or you can just click this link Tell me your opinion about the story too! MF, xx

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