Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pulau Redang


Hellooooo readers! So here's my story at Pulau Redang. Yeppp I went to Pulau Redang last week for snorkeling! I've never been to Pulau Redang before, and yessss, SubhanAllah, cantik sangat Pulau Redang ni :)

So I went there for a day trip with my two girlfriends, Atie and Nurul. Tak tinggal dkt Pulau Redang sebab nak jimat. Hehe. So we stayed at Merang Suria Resorts. Merang Suria is just a few minutes away from the Merang jetty. 15 minutes I think, or less! Memang dekat! From Merang, it tooks 45 minutes to Pulau Redang. The best part is, boat yg kami naik tu tak berkongsi dengan sesiapa. Memang kita 3 orang sahaja, dapat abang driver boat yg sporting pula tu!

Naik boat pukul 9.30 pagi dan pukul 5 ptg baru balik ke Merang. We stopped at 4 pit stops. The first one was the Laguna, we went to see beautiful corals on the second pit stop, then we went to see the turtles on the third pit stop and the last pit stop waaaasssssss, emmm (lupa jap) Marine Park!

Our first pit stop!
Just look at the clear sea water :') ahhmazinggg!

My girlfriends :*

The second pit stop. You can't really see the corals from here.
Ahhhh, I really need a Go Pro!

The third pit stop. 
Snorkeling with the turtles in the middle of the sea!
Sadly, I don't have photos of our forth pit stop :(

Balik! <3

We only paid RM120 per person for a day trip including all the equipments (jacket, goggle and etc.) for our snorkeling! For me, it is super cheap! So here's a number of Pak Cik snorkeling (that's what we called him) 019 984 2259. But this is from Merang okay? Jetty Pak Cik ni daripada Merang. So you have to be in Merang kalau nak dpt this price for a day trip. 

Bye bye.

                                                                                                MF, xx


acu yuhan said...

Thnks for the info.. ;)
whether the payment is included with a meal and night at merang?

Hannah Sytieh said...

nice trip. nanti i refer blog ni kalau nak g sane nnti. behhe :)

Hanneem Rahim said...

Thanks for the info. I did called and he said rm150 incl. meals. SO how abt u, ur day trip incl. meal or not?

AinulMalik said...

Thanks for the info, memang membantu sangat :)

AinulMalik said...

Thanks for the info, memang membantu sangat :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate ? Email me at Hope to hear soon. Thanks!

~~Miss Diela~~ said...

cantik sgt Pulau Redang ... memang memanghil-manggil untuk pergi sana